Is Amrezy worth the hype?

Hey beauties welcome back too another review. Today were going to review The well known limited edition Amrezy highlighter! is it Worth it Firstly swatches are quite extraordinary  a very golden glow with some glitter and all together gives the wet look. price is a bit expensive but definitely worth it the pigmentation  is spot… Continue reading Is Amrezy worth the hype?

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Diy face mask for acne in 2 steps

Hey beauties. Time  we are talking about a extremely affordable diy easy face mask. What you need. Honey and honey will do. Carbonated baking soda any will do as long as its carbonated baking soda tea tree oil water Platst First step Get the plastic container  and put carbonated baking soda in the container next… Continue reading Diy face mask for acne in 2 steps