Where I’m at with life

Hey guys, I’ve been really absent lately so much has happened to me this year I had my first love my first heartbreak I’m back in care which is fun I’m up at 2 am right now I’m in a random house with unknown workers but who cares I guess I just hope I get through this. I’m also starting a new school next year I’ll be in year it’s crazy how I’ve been running this since I was in year 5 this Christmas I’ll build up the courage to ask my dad to get me a laptop

I want to get back into writing I might even rebrand this into a life style blog I know must people aren’t gonna read this but I guess it’s fine anyway I’ve also done a few drugs now lsd and weed I do like lsd but weed not my favourite and I’ve lost my virginity but unfortunately not too my ex I do regret it but I’ve moved on I hope I get inspired soon to continue to write my blog as I have so many things to review this might actually be a good thing but I’m very elated to see my mum I have a private lesson with my old figure skating coach I’m just anxious since I’m gonna wear white skates but it’s fine I just hope I become successful one day because you know I would love that and I want to get back into makeup high school is tough since my leaked sex tape but maybe it’d be a great story to tell who knows at this point I’m gonna post this but i hope to write soon.


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