My day was the shitest suspened

Hey guys today im going to share my day so basically I stayed up the night big mistake then got woken up by divan but five min later i fell back to sleep basically passed out when i woke up it was 9 am on a monday i was already late my dad woke me up  and i rushed to get ready i felt so tired and angry at everything when i got to school i was an hour late for 2 weeks now I’ve been coming to school hours late only to see my bitch friend Audrey i was so angry at everything i first had morals i sneaked my phone cause i was just in a really bad mood i did not get caught but in history i did i was scared to get in trouble i thought she said i can get it at the of the class fast forward to the end of class i took it only to have my teacher confiscate it i thought i was gonna get it at the end of the day i didn’t then at Tudor mr cooper wanted to speak to me i was nervous he gave me one demerit and was gonna keep it till tomorrow i then started getting anxious i didn’t feel safe and then at i went back he came back and spoke to me all i remember is that i said stuff you and slammed the door on him he then opened it and screamed get outside  what did you say he asked i said hope you have a good day but he said i heard what you said then i quietly said it! He took me to the principal i got eight demerits one more and i get suspend  they now have me on a behavioral  booklet and they get to have my phone for three days at least and also my dad now walks me to school at 8 am.


so I’m doing just fine until next time bye xoxo

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