Three red toned lip products you need to try! By THE BLOGGER

Hey babes you might know if I see something that’s gorgeous there will be a post on it so keep reading.

Today we will be discussing three red toned lip products you have to try!

Firstly let’s start with the Fenty  beauty stunna lip paint $36 aus 

I’ve already reviewed this amazing product

Stunna lip paint review

Jeffrey Star Velour liquid lipstick in Anna Nicole. $20 orangey-red 

There is a pure red but if you like orange with a red twist to it.

This screams fire and will make a statement on your lips a matte finish does dry your lips like most liquid lipsticks

can be cakey. it is also vegan gluten-free and parben free. the packaging is adorable pink with a lipstick looking image.

THE BODY SHOP Shine lip liquid gloss – in cherry gum a lightish red $14

One my first lip products this will definitely make a statement!

This product consists of argan,jojoba and marula oil which is perk

I found that it does turn a bit pinkish. and its also vegan cruelty free

the reason why bought this lippy. I love that this lip gloss hydrates but you will have

to reapply

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