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Five of the best makeup products you need to try!

Hey beauty’s today were going about the five beauty products you need to try!

Number one the is The Balm cosmetics Mary Lou illuminator/highlighterblog post mary lou

If your a person who loves a glow now I mean a dam glow!

you have got to try this And its only $30 Australian dollars

It was my first ever highlighter And have fallen in love ever since.

Number 2 on this List has to be The Fenty beauty matchsticks

These product is by the Riri brand  Is the Matchsticks these creamy matchsticks are a contour ,concealer and highlight! I bought the concealer In shade ivory and absolutely love it! Fenty beauty matchsticks in shade ivory blog post.png

It has a multi tone range but focusing more on the deeper  which phenomenal since lots of company’s haven’t done that yet which is completely absurd!!!

Number 3 is Model co Celebrating 15 years volumizing mascara it is miracle worker at $22 its amazing! Plus the pink ombre packing is Beautiful

Number 4 is the one and only Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Dip brow pomade It very pigment unfortunately its not user friendly but with a bit of practise you will become amazing

Number 5 lastly is the BYS cosmetics contouring pallet it is a dupe of the Kat von d pallet but is  3 x cheaper  It only $15 freaking dollars!





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