Three red toned lip products you need to try! By THE BLOGGER

Hey babes you might know if I see something that's gorgeous there will be a post on it so keep reading. Today we will be discussing three red toned lip products you have to try! Firstly let's start with the Fenty¬† beauty stunna lip paint $36 aus¬† I've already reviewed this amazing product Stunna lip… Continue reading Three red toned lip products you need to try! By THE BLOGGER


My day was the shitest suspened

Hey guys today im going to share my day so basically I stayed up the night big mistake then got woken up by divan but five min later i fell back to sleep basically passed out when i woke up it was 9 am on a monday i was already late my dad woke me… Continue reading My day was the shitest suspened

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Hey Guys I wanted to sure with you a concealer I bought a few months back and is from the brand essence with ado let's get started! Claims of the product. Makes under eyes and redness disappear Lasts sixteen hours Gives a smooth complexion Now lets get to the truth My results ------------->   You… Continue reading ESSENCE COSMETICS 16-HOUR CONCEALER REVIEW.

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Where have I been?

Hey Guys I need to tell you guys something I am sorry for not posting for a couple of months I have t found motivation and time to sit down and write because I have just moved and Have a pretty busy schedule I will try film more often as my makeup and skincare collection… Continue reading Where have I been?